Join Cabbage, Tyler and their endearing classmates on their amazing adventures as they explore new and exciting worlds. During each adventure, our adorable koalas will learn about friendship, love, family, diversity, inclusiveness and the environment.
Our stories are engaging and playful.
Our themes our universal.

Playful Learning – anytime, anywhere.

Our Adorable Koalas


“Hello, I’m Cabbage. I like bright flowers and playing in the water. I love taking naps. I think I’ll go take one now, over there under that tree...”


“Hi, I’m Tyler! I like exploring new places and climbing trees. I am a fast climber! Want to race?”

Baby Li
(Tyler’s baby sister)

Baby Li is Tyler’s baby sister. Don’t let her small size fool you! She isn’t afraid of anything. She’s very happy to meet you and wants to give you a big Koala Hug!


“Hello! I am Poppy. My favourite colour is pink. Do you like my dress? It’s new! I like how pretty and pink it is.”


“Hi, my name is Boo. I like exploring nature. There is so much to see and learn! Science is the best.”


“Hiya! I’m Izzy. I love going on adventures and finding new places to visit. I am also very good at climbing--yes, I’m faster than Tyler!”

Red & Ryder

“Hi! My name is Red, just like my favourite colour! I have a twin brother, Ryder. He wears glasses. We both love food and want to be chefs when we grow up!”

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